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Help the Queen of Mantas save the Ocean

Her Deepness Swimsuit

Introducing the Her Deepness Swimsuit, a scuba-inspired piece that pays tribute to the remarkable work of Sylvia Earle, the renowned oceanographer and advocate for marine conservation. With every purchase of the Her Deepness Swimsuit, all proceeds go towards supporting Sylvia Earle's ongoing efforts to protect and preserve our oceans.

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Return to the sea

Seaquelle is deeply passionate about the oceans. We have a true connection with nature, which is reflected in our desire to leave a positive footprint behind us wherever we go.

That is why we’re now teaming up with Milkywire, a new digital platform that allows you to easily find, fund, and follow screened grassroots NGOs from around the world.

We want to make a change where it really matters – for the people doing real work in the field. This is our way of making a change. Please help us return to the sea.

The Queen of Mantas

Andrea Marshall, known as the “Queen of Mantas,” has studied manta rays for more than a decade in order to protect ocean wildlife – and now so are you.

17 years ago, Andrea did what no one thought she could, she started a research project on a species that no one had ever worked on before – which led to one of the largest species discoveries in 50 years.

Today, Andrea is one of the leading experts on manta rays. Manta ray numbers have plummeted by 98% in some areas due to fishing pressures and illegal wildlife trade. Andrea and the Marine Megafauna Foundation work to change this by developing conservation solutions to save these graceful giants from extinction.